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  About Us

The cheese factory unit AEOLIKOS is located in Lesvos , the third in size island of Greece, in the Aegean Sea and the only island that can produce FETA CHEESE P.D.O (prodected designation of origin)

The construction of the cheese factory was completed in year 2009 and it has been equipped with the most modern production lines, which were awarded in 2012 from the Chamber of Commerce of Lesbos for their innovative character.The founders of «AEOLIKOS» have been active in the field of dairy production since 1970, whereas the same family owns a modern factory for the production of premium animal feed. Needless to say, the combination of experience , knowledge and modern technology led the way for the successful course of business.

With the constant and close cooperation with sheep milk producers, veterinary monitoring of the herds, the correct and very specific diet, daily monitoring and analysis at the product’s receipt , a top quality raw material is guaranteed , the milk, which then gives as a final product, feta cheese of rare quality, brewed from the land’s wild herbs, and strictly fixed in caloric value.

The unit works according to ISO 22OOO certified by TUV HELLAS ,by AGROCERT for the production and distribution of P.D.O products and D.I.O for the production of organic FETA . Respecting the environment works the biological function and cares for the ecological disposal of waste according to the European legislation.


The industry AEOLIKOS specializes in the production of FETA CHEESE P.D.O and ORGANIC FETA CHEESE P.D.O exclusively from pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk of Mytilene

The milk is collected daily from selected farmers and once the organoleptic and microbiological tests are verified by qualified personnel , it is transferred to the production site where enthusiasm, experience and modern technology come together to create a work of art , the FETA AEOLIKOS.

The unique taste, rich aroma and soft touch are harmoniously combined in a product that has gained fans in Greece and many other foreign countries.

The products are marketed by our brand but we can also produce under private label.


The island of Lesvos is located in the North-Eastern Aegean, ranked third among the Greek Islands and is one of the oldest residential areas in Greece. A volcanic eruption that took place 20 million years ago divided the island into two different landscapes. The eastern side is lush with olive groves and forests that reach to the sea which contrasts sharply with the dry landscape of the western side with the famous PETRIFIED FOREST of SIGRI, one of the two largest petrified forests in the world (the other is in Arizona)

According to Greek mythology the first settler was Makaras the son of the Sun , who had four sons and five daughters Mitiline , Míthimna , Issa and Arisve. The name "LESBOS" is attributed to Lesbios -grandson of Aeolus- and husband of Mithymna, who came with Aeolian settlers and once he came to power gave the island its name.

The arts and letters flourished on the island from the beginning of ancient times while the contribution of Lesbian people is undoubted in building the ancient Greek civilization. Terpandros Antissaios , Arion Mithymnaios , Koition Mytilinaios are among the famous musicians of antiquity The leading lyric poet Alcaeus and Sappho's famous tenth Muse inspired by this place and left art works unchanged for centuries .

Later comes Pittacus – one of the seven sages of antiquity, the pupil and successor of Aristotle, Theophrastus the founder of Botany, Loggos who wrote the third century a.d the world's first novel "DAFNIS AND CHLOE” , a bucolic love story unfolding on the coast of Lesvos. In later years, Lesvos continues to offer brilliant names in the academic realm.

The writers Argyris Eftaliotis and Stratis Doukas, , Stratis Myrivilis one of the greatest novelists and academician, poet and Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis, Elias Venezis, Kontoglou , the painter and sculptor George Iakovidis and the unique Greek painter Theophilos Hatzimihail

The visitor of the island from the very first moment will feel the special aura that envelops him when found on this blessed land. The unique archaeological treasures, the protected wetlands with endemic birds, museums, monasteries (such as Taxiarhis in Mantamados , Agios Raphael , High Monastery and many others) the scattered throughout the island churches, pristine beaches, tasty local cuisine, unique festivals where Christianity borrowes events from Greek mythology impart the diversity that impresses the visitor. Striking feature of the island is the many spas located here as ¼ of all hot springs of Greece.

The island's residents are piously engaged mainly in livestock (about 300,000 sheep and goat for dairy production are kept), the oil/olive and beekeeping.

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