About Us

The Cheese Factory

The cheese factory unit AEOLIKOS is located in Lesvos, the third in size island of Greece, in the Aegean Sea and the only island that can produce FETA CHEESE P.D.O. (protected designation of origin).

The construction of the cheese factory was completed in year 2009 and it has been equipped with the most modern production lines, which were awarded in 2012 from the Chamber of Commerce of Lesbos for their innovative character.


The founders of «AEOLIKOS» have been active in the field of dairy production since 1970, whereas the same family owns a modern factory for the production of premium animal feed. Needless to say, the combination of experience , knowledge and modern technology led the way for the successful course of business.

With the constant and close cooperation with sheep milk producers, veterinary monitoring of the herds, the correct and very specific diet, daily monitoring and analysis at the product’s receipt , a top quality raw material is guaranteed , the milk, which then gives as a final product, feta cheese of rare quality, brewed from the land’s wild herbs, and strictly fixed in caloric value.


the Environment!

The unit works according to ISO 22OOO certified by TUV HELLAS, by AGROCERT for the production and distribution of P.D.O products, and D.I.O for the production of organic FETA.

Respecting the environment works the biological function and cares for the ecological disposal of waste according to the European legislation.